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As we are now calling the function "delaunayizeBDS" within…

As we are now calling the function "delaunayizeBDS" within meshGeneratorPeriodic, we don't want to swap edges such that the new edge has e.g. both points at the seam but at different sides in parametric space.
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......@@ -1076,6 +1076,10 @@ bool BDS_Mesh::swap_edge(BDS_Edge *e, const BDS_SwapEdgeTest &theTest,
if(!theTest(p1, p2, op[0], op[1])) return false;
// Check if new edge op[0] - op[1] is not on a seam or degenerated
if (op[0]->degenerated && op[1]->degenerated) return false;
if (op[0]->_periodicCounterpart && op[1]->_periodicCounterpart) return false;
if(p1->iD == CHECK1 && p2->iD == CHECK2) printf("TEST2 OK\n");
BDS_Edge *p1_op1 = find_edge(p1, op[0], e->faces(0));
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