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  • gmsh_4_7_1
    4cd72fb3 · up ·
    Release Gmsh 4.7.1

    Small bug fixes and improvements.

  • gmsh_4_7_0
    dae895d3 · up ·
    Release Gmsh 4.7.0

    API errors now throw exceptions with the last error message (instead of an integer error code); API functions now print messages on the terminal by default, and throw exceptions on all errors unless in interactive mode; new API functions to retrieve homogeneous model-based data (for improved Python performance), to set interpolation matrices for high-order datasets, to assign automatic transfinite meshing constraints and to pass native (C++, C, Python or Julia) mesh size callback; added option to save high-order periodic nodes info; added support for scripted window splitting; improved VTK reader; new MatrixOfInertia command; added support for Unicode command line arguments on Windows; uniformized commands, options and field option names to match the documented terminology (CharacteristicLength -> MeshSize, geometry Line -> Curve, ...; old names are still accepted, but deprecated); improved handling of complex periodic cases; removed bundled Mmg3D and added support for stock Mmg 5; Gmsh now requires C++11 and CMake 3.1, and uses Eigen by default instead of Blas/Lapack for dense linear algebra; small bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_6_0
    69eb3baf · prepare 4.6 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.6.0

    New options to only generate initial 2D or 3D meshes (without node insertion), and to only mesh non-meshed entities; added ability to only remesh parts of discrete models; added support for mesh size fields and embedded entities in HXT; improved reparametrization and partitioning code; new OCC API functions to reduce the number of synchronizations for complex models; new OCC spline surface interfaces; new functions and options to control the first tag of entities, nodes and elements; fixed duplicated entities in STEP output; improved mesh subdivision and high-order pipeline; MED output now preserves node and element tags; small bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_5_6
    a9edae26 · prepare 4.5.6 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.6

    Better calculation of OCC bounding boxes using STL; API tutorials; small bug fixes

  • gmsh_4_5_5
    49a02db7 · prepare 4.5.5 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.5

    Tooltips in GUI to help discovery of scripting options; fixed MED IO of high-order elements; fixed OCC attribute search by bounding box; fix parsing of mac-encoded scripts; new RecombineMesh command; added support for extrusion of mixed-dimension entities with OCC; small bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_5_4
    4724c550 · fix warning ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.4

    Periodic mesh optimization now ensures that the master mesh is not modified; code cleanup; small bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_5_3
    d4a8e09f · 4.5.3 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.3

    Improved positioning of corresponding nodes on periodic entities; improved LaTeX output; improved curve splitting in reparametrization; new binary PLY reader; small compilation fixes.

  • gmsh_4_5_2
    cb3a2d66 · 4.5.2 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.2

    Periodic meshes now obey reorientation constraints; physical group definitions now follow compound meshing constraints; small bug fixes and improvements.

  • gmsh_4_5_1
    8edbe406 · 4.5.1 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.1

    New Min and Max commands in .geo files; Mesh.MinimumCirclePoints now behaves the same with all geometry kernels; fixed issue with UTF16-encoded home directories on Windows.

  • gmsh_4_5_0
    d9a6da37 · more structured examples ·
    Release Gmsh 4.5.0

    Changed default 2D meshing algorithm to Frontal-Delaunay; new compound Spline/BSpline commands; new MeshSizeFromBoundary command; new CGNS importer/exporter; new X3D exporter for geometries and meshes; improved surface mesh reclassification; new separate option to govern curvature adapted meshes (Mesh.MinimumElementsPerTwoPi and -clcurve val); improved handling of anisotropic surface meshes in 3D Delaunay; improved high-order periodic meshing; improved 2D boolean unions; file chooser type is now changeable at runtime; FLTK GUI can now be created and destroyed at will through the API; fixed regression in MeshAdapt for non-periodic surfaces with singularities; combining views now copies options; added API support for mesh compounds, per-surface mesh algorithm and mesh size from boundary; renamed plugin AnalyseCurvedMesh to AnalyseMeshQuality; fixed regression for built-in kernel BSplines on non-flat geometries (Sphere, PolarSphere); small fixes and improvements.

    • Incompatible API changes: removed mesh/smooth (now handled by mesh/optimize like all other mesh optimizers); renamed logger/time to logger/getWallTime and logger/cputime to logger/getCpuTime; new arguments to mesh/optimize, mesh/getElementProperties and occ/healShapes; added optional argument to mesh/classifySurfaces and view/combine.
  • gmsh_4_4_1 protected
    Release Gmsh 4.4.1

    Small improvements (transfinite with degenerate curves, renumbering for some mesh formats, empty MSH file sections, tunable accuracy of compound meshes) and bug fixes (ellipse < pi, orientation and reclassification of compound parts, serendip pyramids, periodic MeshAdapt robustness, invalidate cache after mesh/addNodes).

  • gmsh_4_4_0 protected
    Release Gmsh 4.4.0

    New STL remeshing workflow (with new ClassifySurfaces command in .geo files); added API support for color options, mesh optimization, recombination, smoothing and shape healing; exposed additional METIS options; improved support for periodic entities (multiple curves with the same start/end points, legacy MSH2 format, periodic surfaces with embedded entities); added mesh renumbering also after interactive mesh modifications; improved support for OpenCASCADE ellipse arcs; new interactive filter in visibility window; flatter GUI; small bug fixes.

    • Incompatible API changes: mesh/getJacobians and mesh/getBasisFunctions now take integration points explicitely; mesh/setNodes and mesh/setElements have been replaced by mesh/addNodes and mesh/addElements; added optional arguments to mesh/classifySurfaces and occ/addSurfaceLoop; changed arguments of occ/addEllipseArc to follow geo/addEllipseArc.
  • gmsh_4_3_0 protected
    8375000a · 4.3.0 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.3.0

    Improved meshing of surfaces with singular parametrizations; added API support for aliasing and combining views, copying view options, setting point coordinates, extruding built-in CAD entities along normals and retrieving mass, center of mass and inertia from OpenCASCADE CAD entities; fixed regression introduced in 4.1.4 that could lead to non-deterministic 2D meshes; small bug fixes.

    • Incompatible API changes: added optional arguments to mesh/getNodes and mesh/getElementByCoordinates
  • gmsh_4_2_3 protected
    f4de02d4 · 4.2.3 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.2.3

    Added STL export by physical surface; added ability to remove embedded entities; added handling of boundary entities in addDiscreteEntity; small bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_2_2 protected
    42aa7d00 · 4.2.2 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.2.2

    Fixed regression in reading of extruded meshes; added ability to export one solid per surface in STL format.

  • gmsh_4_2_1 protected
    Release Gmsh 4.2.1

    Fixed regression for STEP files without global compound shape; added support for reading IGES labels and colors; improved search for shared library in Python and Julia modules; improved Plugin(MeshVolume); updates to the reference manual.

  • gmsh_4_2_0 protected
    Release Gmsh 4.2.0

    New MSH4.1 revision of the MSH file format, with support for size_t node and element tags (see the reference manual for detailed changes); added support for reading STEP labels and colors with OCC CAF; changed default Geometry.OCCTargetUnit value to none (i.e. use STEP file coordinates as-is, without conversion); improved high-order mesh optimization; added ability to import groups of nodes from MED files; enhanced Plugin(Distance) and Plugin(SimplePartition); removed unmaintained plugins; removed default dependency on PETSc; small improvements and bug fixes.

    • Incompatible API changes: changed type of node and element tags from int to size_t to support (very) large meshes; changed logger/start, mesh/getPeriodicNodes and mesh/setElementsByType.
  • gmsh_4_1_5 protected
    a61c5e5c · better messages ·
    Release Gmsh 4.1.5

    Improved OpenMP parallelization, STL remeshing, mesh partitioning and high-order mesh optimization; added classifySurfaces in API; bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_1_4 protected
    01eecc21 · 4.1.4 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.1.4

    Improved ghost cell I/O; added getGhostElements, relocateNodes, getElementType, getElementFaceNodes, getElementEdgeNodes functions in API; small improvements and bug fixes.

  • gmsh_4_1_3 protected
    2a7188fc · 4.1.3 ·
    Release Gmsh 4.1.3

    Improved quad meshing; new options for automatic full-quad meshes; save nodesets also for physical points (Abaqus, Tochnog); new getPartitions, unpartition and removePhysicalName functions in API; small bug fixes.