Commit c66e1b7b authored by Christophe Geuzaine's avatar Christophe Geuzaine

skip Netgen optimization for hybrid mesh (additional fix for #466)

parent 4c394515
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......@@ -335,6 +335,11 @@ void optimizeMeshGRegionNetgen::operator()(GRegion *gr, bool always)
ExtrudeParams *ep = gr->meshAttributes.extrude;
if(ep && ep->mesh.ExtrudeMesh && ep->geo.Mode == EXTRUDED_ENTITY) return;
if(gr->prisms.size() || gr->hexahedra.size() || gr->pyramids.size()){
Msg::Info("Skipping Netgen optimizer for hybrid mesh");
#if !defined(HAVE_NETGEN)
Msg::Error("Netgen optimizer is not compiled in this version of Gmsh");
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