Commit 9071bc80 authored by Darcy Beurle's avatar Darcy Beurle

Avoid copy assignment and construct in place

parent 0b972226
......@@ -2611,20 +2611,19 @@ bool Supplementary::faces_statuquo(Prism prism) {
bool Supplementary::faces_statuquo(MVertex* a, MVertex* b, MVertex* c, MVertex* d) {
bool ok;
bool flag1, flag2;
GFace *gf1, *gf2;
Tuple tuple1, tuple2;
std::multiset<Tuple>::iterator it1;
std::multiset<Tuple>::iterator it2;
ok = 1;
bool ok = 1;
gf1 = NULL;
gf2 = NULL;
tuple1 = Tuple(a, b, c);
tuple2 = Tuple(c, d, a);
Tuple tuple1(a, b, c);
Tuple tuple2(c, d, a);
it1 = tuples.find(tuple1);
it2 = tuples.find(tuple2);
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