Commit 242fb5aa authored by Christophe Geuzaine's avatar Christophe Geuzaine

make divide & conquer thread-safe by encapsulating everything into the DocRecord class
parent e3c8e6ed
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......@@ -44,20 +44,38 @@ typedef struct{
PointNumero a, b, c;
class DocRecord{
PointNumero Predecessor(PointNumero a, PointNumero b);
PointNumero Successor(PointNumero a, PointNumero b);
int FixFirst(PointNumero x, PointNumero f);
PointNumero First(PointNumero x);
int IsLeftOf(PointNumero x, PointNumero y, PointNumero check);
int IsRightOf(PointNumero x, PointNumero y, PointNumero check);
Segment LowerCommonTangent(DT vl, DT vr);
Segment UpperCommonTangent(DT vl, DT vr);
int Qtest(PointNumero h, PointNumero i, PointNumero j, PointNumero k);
int Merge(DT vl, DT vr);
DT RecurTrig(PointNumero left, PointNumero right);
int BuildDelaunay();
int DListInsert(DListRecord **dlist, DPoint center, PointNumero newPoint);
int Insert(PointNumero a, PointNumero b);
int DListDelete(DListPeek *dlist, PointNumero oldPoint);
int Delete(PointNumero a, PointNumero b);
int CountPointsOnHull(int n);
PointNumero *ConvertDlistToArray(DListPeek *dlist, int *n);
int ConvertDListToTriangles();
void RemoveAllDList();
int numPoints; // number of points
PointRecord *points; // points to triangulate
int numTriangles; // number of triangles
Triangle *triangles; // 2D results
STriangle *striangle; // connected points
DocRecord(int n);
double & x(int i){ return points[i].where.v; }
double & y(int i){ return points[i].where.h; }
double &x(int i){ return points[i].where.v; }
double &y(int i){ return points[i].where.h; }
void MakeMeshWithPoints();
void MakeVoronoi();
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