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DRAFT: generate and install pkg-config file gmsh.pc when building shared library

Jonathan Lambrechts requested to merge pkgconfig into master

Make it easier for build tools like cmake or meson to find the gmsh library using pkg-config.


  • gmsh.pc included in the sdk and in the python wheel file
  • not sure what to do on windows (maybe a unix2dos command missing)
  • could probably also be enabled for static library (is the static library also included in the sdk when built ?)

FIXME : The pc file in the wheel python package is not OK because it refers to the library with the full name (including patch version) while the distributed library does not include the patch version in its name ( vs

  • Would it be ok to change the name of the shared library distributed in the python package so that it includes the patch version ?
  • Alternatively is it possible to get the SOVERSION name of the library with a cmake generator in utils/misc/ ? (currently, I'm using $<TARGET_FILE_NAME:shared>)
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