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Alpha shapes

Christophe Geuzaine requested to merge alphashapes into master

Tracking what needs to be done to merge the alpha shape branch into master:


  • generateMesh: rethink interface; rethink triangulate and tetetrahedralize at the same time
  • createHxtMesh: it should not take an input file, but probably elements and nodes; or simply the contents an existing model; and we should be able to use the other algorithms as well - rethink triangulate and tetetrahedralize at the same time
  • alphaShapes, tetNeighbors, alphaShapesConstrained, constrainedDelaunayRefinement, alphaShape: change name to be consistent with the rest of the API


  • test code in GModelIO_STL.cpp
  • revert private to public change in discreteFace
  • missing copyright in alphaShapes.{h,cpp}
  • debug code in meshGFaceDelaunayInsertion.cpp
  • handling dependencies in meshGFaceGeodesic.cpp
  • revert change involving Extend2dMeshIn3dVolumes() in meshGRegionHxt.cpp

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