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Allow Gmsh to add Onelab Attributes to number and strings, even if thoses...

Nicolas Marsic requested to merge CustomOnelabAttributes into master

Hello Christophe,

In a .geo file, the ONELAB attributes that are not default ones (see _setStandardOptions in Common/GmshMessage.cpp) don't end up in the database: is this the expected behaviour?

If yes, what would be the way to define 'custom' attributes in a .geo/.dat file?

If not, here is a proposal for a fix, which define a new function _setOtherAttributes. By the way, one could go even a step further, and remove all calls to p->setAttribute(...) in _setStandardOptions, since they should be handled by _setOtherAttributes.

As an illustration, here is a small MWE When calling gmsh, the variable L1 does not show the Ham attribute (defined in the .dat file), while the L2 variable does (defined in the .py file).

Cheers, Nicolas.

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