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Draft: "Flexible acquisition", a configuration with arbitrary sources and receivers read from a YAML file.

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Adds a new Configuration. It consists of a rectangular domain with a supersurface and subsurface (of chosen depth). Inversion can be done on the subsurface or on the whole domain. (set "unknown" as either "none" or "subsurface"). Sources and receivers can be in either sub or super surfaces. Path of the YAML file is set in the shots_config command line argument.

Example file for 3 shots with 3 emitters where in each shot, one emiter is active and the 2 others act as receivers:

  - [0.5, -0.5]
  - [0.4, -0.3]
  - [0.6, -0.5]
  - emitters: [0]
    receivers: [1, 2]
  - emitters: [1]
    receivers: [0, 2]
  - emitters: [2]
    receivers: [0, 1]


  • Make the YAML library optional (and forbid this acquisition if the library is not available)
  • Actually read the path of the YAML file.
  • Refactoring: make the config reader more abstract, cleanup in the acquisition
  • Test cases.
  • Some day but not here: convert G-Tec files to YAML configuration
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