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      - (c) update · 0b598844
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      - fix bb computation to avoid model jumping around when adding points in z=0 plane
      - pass interpol matrices as ref
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      · 726fa6a3
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      - implemented all missing 2nd order representations
      - removed unused member functions in GFace + cleaned up GFace::point
  26. 19 Jan, 2007 1 commit
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      · e7538670
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      - fixed infinite loop in edge loop creation (when the loop is wrong, just print
       a message and abort)
      - introduced options to control healing of OCC models
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      airport work: · 421196e0
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      - new button under the graphic window to temporarily disable mouse
        selection (speeds-up redrawing of very large models + permits to
        rotate/zoom-in a model in selection mode even when the whole screen
        is full of selectable entities--e.g. a surface mesh)
      - new "lasso" selection mode (to select entities using the same kind
        of lasso as the lasso zoom: just Ctrl+click, then drag the mouse in
        selection mode; the shortcuts are the same as for the lasso zoom)
      - it is now possible to unselect entities using the middle mouse button
        (only for the creation of physicals at the moment; not sure if it's
        useful in the other cases)
      - new button in visibility browser to invert the current selection
        (very useful e.g. when multiple physical entities are associated
        with a given elementary entity, in order to "peel" away the model
        when adding new physicals; cf. philou)
      - changed meaning of Escape shortcut (cancel lasso or toggle mouse
        selection) + restore standard fltk Escape handling for all dialog
      - updated copyright string
      - new mesh label mode (coordinates); all label types are now also
        available for mesh vertices
      - added option in 'Print Option' dialog to disable printing of help
      - added a comment string with the date when creating a new file
      - new snapping grid for adding points in the GUI
  31. 08 Jan, 2005 1 commit
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      · 504b5126
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      - removed all the crappy STL code and rewrote it using JF's POLY_rep
      - generalized POLY_rep so that we can use the polygonal discretization
        as a surface mesh, and mesh in 3D afterwards. I.e., we can now take
        an input triangulation (a single surface in STL format, multiple
        surfaces in STL format, one or more surfaces defined using the new
        "Discrete Surface" commands), and generate a 3D mesh that uses it. We
        could in theory even mix triangulated and "normal" surfaces in the
        same geometry, but nothing is done at the moment to ensure that the
        mesh at the interfaces would match (if it does, it actually works
        very nicely)
      - new STL mesh output format to export a surface mesh as a STL file
      - added an option to the GEO output routine to save the surface mesh
        as discrete surfaces associated with the geometrical surfaces
      - added STL and Text output formats for post-processing views (the
        text output allows for example to exploit plugin-generated data in
      - generalized Plugin(Evaluate):
        * can loop automatically over all the timestep and/or components
        * can do operations using data from an external view
           - if the 2 views are based on the same grid, the plugin does the
             evaluation very efficiently
           - if the 2 views are based on differenet grids, the plugin
             automatically interpolates the external view data onto the
             grid of the current view
      - added new Rand() function in MathEval
      - default colormap is now # 2 (the Matlab "Jet" colormap)
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  33. 13 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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      · 024e9517
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      - First draft (pretty much untested!) of new "Integrate" plugin to
        * integrate scalar fields over all the elements in a view
        * integrate the circulation of vector fields along line elements
        * integrate the flux of vector fields across surface elements
        Used with Plugin(DisplacementRaise) and Plugin(Evaluate) this
        permits for example to compute the area/volume of deformed
        configurations; and, with Plugin(CutPlane)+Plugin(Skin), the
        perimeter of deformed sections. Another interesting application is
        to use it on a vector field with Plugin(CutPlane), in order to
        compute fluxes across arbitrary cross-sections.
      - Added "connectPoints" option to Plugin(CutParametric) so
        that we can feed its output to Plugin(Integrate)
      - Added Normals and Tangents options to visualize the orientation of
        elements in post-processing views
      - Added "swapOrientation" in Plugin(Transform) to change the
        orientation of the elements (in place) (+ moved the transformation
        routines from the view class into the plugin)
      - fixed #defines in some of the plugin header files
  34. 12 May, 2004 1 commit
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      · 1e98ead4
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      missed those files in my previous commit
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  36. 21 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      · dbe79270
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      Big Levelset rewrite (+ cleanup of all other plugins).
      Not finished yet, but I need to commit this now so that I can use it
      with the boss tomorrow at work.
      This version should compile and have all the old features working,
      plus some extras (levelsets of scalar/vector/tensor 1D, 2D and
      3D simplectic views).
      JF: 'Plugin(XX).Save' is now deprecated. Use 'Save View[XX] "filename"'
  37. 21 Mar, 2003 1 commit
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      · fb423350
      Christophe Geuzaine authored
      Fix whitespace in copyright headers
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