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......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ set(GMSH_API
Mesh/meshGEdge.h Mesh/meshGFace.h Mesh/meshGFaceOptimize.h
Mesh/meshPartition.h Mesh/meshGFaceDelaunayInsertion.h
Mesh/simple3D.h Mesh/meshPartitionOptions.h Mesh/directions3D.h Mesh/yamakawa.h
Mesh/Voronoi3D.h Mesh/Levy3D.h Mesh/periodical.h Mesh/meshMetric.h Mesh/ThinLayer.h
Mesh/Voronoi3D.h Mesh/Levy3D.h Mesh/meshMetric.h Mesh/ThinLayer.h
Solver/dofManager.h Solver/femTerm.h Solver/laplaceTerm.h Solver/elasticityTerm.h
Solver/crossConfTerm.h Solver/orthogonalTerm.h
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