Commit b6a12035 authored by Christophe Geuzaine's avatar Christophe Geuzaine

Mark Burton

parent 7bd5eb8d
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ Hackbarth, Peter Wainwright, Jiri Hnidek, Thierry Thomas, Konstantinos Poulios,
Laurent Van Miegroet, Shahrokh Ghavamian, Geordie McBain, Jose Paulo Moitinho de
Almeida, Guillaume Demesy, Wendy Merks-Swolfs, Cosmin Stefan Deaconu, Nigel
Nunn, Serban Georgescu, Julien Troufflard, Michele Mocciola, Matthijs Sypkens
Smit, Sauli Ruuska, Romain Boman, Fredrik Ekre.
Smit, Sauli Ruuska, Romain Boman, Fredrik Ekre, Mark Burton.
Special thanks to Bill Spitzak, Michael Sweet, Matthias Melcher, Greg Ercolano
and others for the Fast Light Tool Kit on which Gmsh's GUI is based. See
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