Commit b2830710 authored by Senthan Swaminathan's avatar Senthan Swaminathan

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into write_cgns_structured

This changes can export 'Multi-block Structured' part of the mesh
(created using Transfinite interpolation) into CGNS format.

The following is the changes between the master and this branch.

1. An option is included in
   The Entry is
        bool structuredMesh;  // = 1 if structured mesh, = 0 if un-structured mesh

2. The above entry is incorporated in GUI option window - Corresponding code change made in file

3. Few subroutines and the actual code that write structured mesh in CGNS format is included in file

'ctest' was run - All tests Passed
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......@@ -78,11 +78,16 @@ int GFace::getMeshingAlgo() const
void GFace::setMeshingAlgo(int algo)
void GFace::setMeshingAlgo(int algo) const
CTX::instance()->mesh.algo2dPerFace[tag()] = algo;
void GFace::unsetMeshingAlgo() const
void GFace::delFreeEdge(GEdge *edge)
// delete the edge from the edge list and the orientation list
......@@ -319,7 +319,8 @@ public:
} meshAttributes;
int getMeshingAlgo() const;
void setMeshingAlgo(int);
void setMeshingAlgo(int) const;
void unsetMeshingAlgo() const;
int getCurvatureControlParameter() const;
void setCurvatureControlParameter(int);
virtual double getMeshSize() const { return meshAttributes.meshSize; }
......@@ -2856,6 +2856,7 @@ void meshGFace::operator()(GFace *gf, bool print)
(*this)(gf, print);
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