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......@@ -5483,13 +5483,15 @@ coefficients A,B,C,D of the equation A*x+B*y+C*y+D=0, which can be
adjusted interactively by dragging the mouse in the input
@item What is the signification of Rho, Eta and Gamma in Tools->Statistics?
@item What is the signification of SICN, Gamma and SIGE in Tools->Statistics?
They measure the quality of the tetrahedra in a mesh:
SICN ~ signed inverse condition number
Gamma ~ inscribed_radius / circumscribed_radius
Eta ~ volume^(2/3) / sum_edge_length^2
Rho ~ min_edge_length / max_edge_length
SIGE ~ signed inverse error on the gradient of FE solution
For the exact definitions, see Geo/MElement.cpp. The graphs plot the
the number of elements vs. the quality measure.
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