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3.1.0: generalized handling of "all" entities in geo file (using {:} notation);
removed GModelFactory, G{Edge,Face,Region}Compounds and old reparametrization
code; beta version of new stable Gmsh C++ API.
3.0.6 (Novmeber 5, 2017): improved meshing of spheres; improved handling of mesh
size constraints with OpenCASCADE kernel; implemented "Coherence" for
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
#include "MPrism.h"
#include "MPyramid.h"
#include "ExtrudeParams.h"
#include "Context.h"
#if defined(HAVE_MESH)
#include "Field.h"
......@@ -480,7 +481,11 @@ int gmshModelGeoAddPoint(const int tag, const double x, const double y, const do
int &outTag, const double meshSize)
outTag = tag;
return !GModel::current()->getGEOInternals()->addVertex(outTag, x, y, z, meshSize);
double xx = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * x;
double yy = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * y;
double zz = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * z;
double lc = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * meshSize;
return !GModel::current()->getGEOInternals()->addVertex(outTag, xx, yy, zz, lc);
int gmshModelGeoAddLine(const int tag, const int startTag, const int endTag,
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1573,7 +1573,6 @@ Shape :
double y = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * $6[1];
double z = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * $6[2];
double lc = CTX::instance()->geom.scalingFactor * $6[3];
if(lc == 0.) lc = MAX_LC; // no mesh size given at the point
bool r = true;
if(gmsh_yyfactory == "OpenCASCADE" && GModel::current()->getOCCInternals()){
r = GModel::current()->getOCCInternals()->addVertex(num, x, y, z, lc);
#include <gmsh.h>
#include <cstdio>
// this reimplements gmsh/tutorial/t5.geo
void cheeseHole(double x, double y, double z, double r, double lc,
std::vector<int> &shells, std::vector<int> &volumes)
int p1; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x, y, z, p1, lc);
int p2; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x+r,y, z, p2, lc);
int p3; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x, y+r,z, p3, lc);
int p4; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x, y, z+r,p4, lc);
int p5; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x-r,y, z, p5, lc);
int p6; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x, y-r,z, p6, lc);
int p7; gmshModelGeoAddPoint(-1, x, y, z-r,p7, lc);
int c1; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p2,p1,p7, c1);
int c2; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p7,p1,p5, c2);
int c3; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p5,p1,p4, c3);
int c4; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p4,p1,p2, c4);
int c5; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p2,p1,p3, c5);
int c6; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p3,p1,p5, c6);
int c7; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p5,p1,p6, c7);
int c8; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p6,p1,p2, c8);
int c9; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p7,p1,p3, c9);
int c10; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p3,p1,p4, c10);
int c11; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p4,p1,p6, c11);
int c12; gmshModelGeoAddCircleArc(-1, p6,p1,p7, c12);
int l1; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {c5,c10,c4}, l1);
int l2; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {c9,-c5,c1}, l2);
int l3; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {c12,-c8,-c1}, l3);
int l4; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {c8,-c4,c11}, l4);
int l5; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {-c10,c6,c3}, l5);
int l6; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {-c11,-c3,c7}, l6);
int l7; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {-c2,-c7,-c12}, l7);
int l8; gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(-1, {-c6,-c9,c2}, l8);
int s1; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l1}, s1);
int s2; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l2}, s2);
int s3; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l3}, s3);
int s4; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l4}, s4);
int s5; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l5}, s5);
int s6; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l6}, s6);
int s7; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l7}, s7);
int s8; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceFilling(-1, {l8}, s8);
int sl; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceLoop(-1, {s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6, s7, s8}, sl);
int v; gmshModelGeoAddVolume(-1, {sl}, v);
int main(int argc, char **argv)
gmshOptionSetNumber("General.Terminal", 1);
double lcar1 = .1;
double lcar2 = .0005;
double lcar3 = .055;
int o;
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(1, 0.5,0.5,0.5, o, lcar2);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(2, 0.5,0.5,0, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(3, 0,0.5,0.5, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(4, 0,0,0.5, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(5, 0.5,0,0.5, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(6, 0.5,0,0, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(7, 0,0.5,0, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(8, 0,1,0, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(9, 1,1,0, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(10, 0,0,1, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(11, 0,1,1, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(12, 1,1,1, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(13, 1,0,1, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddPoint(14, 1,0,0, o, lcar1);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(1, 8,9, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(2, 9,12, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(3, 12,11, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(4, 11,8, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(5, 9,14, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(6, 14,13, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(7, 13,12, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(8, 11,10, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(9, 10,13, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(10, 10,4, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(11, 4,5, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(12, 5,6, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(13, 6,2, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(14, 2,1, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(15, 1,3, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(16, 3,7, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(17, 7,2, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(18, 3,4, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(19, 5,1, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(20, 7,8, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLine(21, 6,14, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(22, {-11,-19,-15,-18}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(23, {22}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(24, {16,17,14,15}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(25, {24}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(26, {-17,20,1,5,-21,13}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(27, {26}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(28, {-4,-1,-2,-3}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(29, {28}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(30, {-7,2,-5,-6}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(31, {30}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(32, {6,-9,10,11,12,21}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(33, {32}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(34, {7,3,8,9}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(35, {34}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(36, {-10,18,-16,-20,4,-8}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(37, {36}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddLineLoop(38, {-14,-13,-12,19}, o);
gmshModelGeoAddPlaneSurface(39, {38}, o);
std::vector<int> shells, volumes;
int sl; gmshModelGeoAddSurfaceLoop(-1, {35,31,29,37,33,23,39,25,27}, sl);
double x = 0, y = 0.75, z = 0, r = 0.09 ;
for(int t = 1; t <= 5; t++){
x += 0.166 ;
z += 0.166 ;
cheeseHole(x, y, z, r, lcar3, shells, volumes);
gmshModelAddPhysicalGroup(3, t, {volumes.back()});
std::printf("Hole %d (center = {%g,%g,%g}, radius = %g) has number %d!\n",
t, x, y, z, r, volumes.back());
int v; gmshModelGeoAddVolume(186, shells, v);
gmshModelAddPhysicalGroup(3, 10, {186});
return 0;
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