Commit 79f2d876 by Christophe Geuzaine

faceFilling duplicates the bounding edges - let's remove them for now (we need to decide

what to do in such cases; similar to ThruSections)
parent 4fa65a4d
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......@@ -1179,7 +1179,11 @@ bool OCC_Internals::addSurfaceFilling(int &tag, int wireTag)
TopoDS_Wire wire = TopoDS::Wire(_tagWire.Find(wireTag));
TopExp_Explorer exp0;
for(exp0.Init(wire, TopAbs_EDGE); exp0.More(); exp0.Next()){
f.Add(TopoDS::Edge(exp0.Current()), GeomAbs_C0);
TopoDS_Edge edge = TopoDS::Edge(exp0.Current());
f.Add(edge, GeomAbs_C0);
// face filling will duplicate the edge
unbind(edge, _edgeTag.Find(edge), true);
// TODO: add optional point constraints using
// f.Add(gp_Pnt(x, y, z);
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