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comment macos mojave hack

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4.0.3: bug fixes.
4.0.3 (October 18, 2018): bug fixes.
4.0.2 (September 26, 2018): added support for creating MED files with specific
MED (minor) version; small bug fixes.
......@@ -96,11 +96,16 @@ openglWindow::~openglWindow()
void openglWindow::show()
/* You can uncomment this if you cannot use the very latest FLTK 1.4 version
patched for macOS mojave
#if defined(__APPLE__) && (MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED >= MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_14)
Msg::Info("OpenGL hack for macOS 10.14: see");
resize(x(), y(), w()+1, h());
resize(x(), y(), w()-1, h());
void openglWindow::_drawScreenMessage()
......@@ -106,21 +106,21 @@ Public License (GPL)</a>:
<div class="highlight">
Current stable release (version 4.0.2, 26 September 2018):
Current stable release (version 4.0.3, 18 September 2018):
<li>Download Gmsh for
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 32-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.2-Linux64.tgz">Linux 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.2-Linux32.tgz">Linux 32-bit</a> or
<a href="bin/MacOSX/gmsh-4.0.2-MacOSX.dmg">MacOS</a>
<li>Download the <a href="src/gmsh-4.0.2-source.tgz">source code</a>
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 32-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.3-Linux64.tgz">Linux 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.3-Linux32.tgz">Linux 32-bit</a> or
<a href="bin/MacOSX/gmsh-4.0.3-MacOSX.dmg">MacOS</a>
<li>Download the <a href="src/gmsh-4.0.3-source.tgz">source code</a>
<li>Download the Software Development Kit (SDK) for
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 32-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.2-Linux64-sdk.tgz">Linux 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.2-Linux32-sdk.tgz">Linux 32-bit</a> or
<a href="bin/MacOSX/gmsh-4.0.2-MacOSX-sdk.tgz">MacOS</a>
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 32-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.3-Linux64-sdk.tgz">Linux 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/gmsh-4.0.3-Linux32-sdk.tgz">Linux 32-bit</a> or
<a href="bin/MacOSX/gmsh-4.0.3-MacOSX-sdk.tgz">MacOS</a>
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