Commit 68f51079 authored by Wendy Merks-Swolfs's avatar Wendy Merks-Swolfs

Use of () instead of {} to solve compilation error of windows64_msvc_ci

parent 7e24efd8
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......@@ -1960,8 +1960,8 @@ static bool meshGeneratorPeriodic(GFace *gf, bool debug = true)
GPoint firstPoint = edge->point(parBounds.low());
GPoint lastPoint = edge->point(parBounds.high());
double param;
if (v->point().distance(SPoint3{firstPoint.x(), firstPoint.y(), firstPoint.z()})
< v->point().distance(SPoint3{lastPoint.x(), lastPoint.y(), lastPoint.z()})) {
if (v->point().distance(SPoint3(firstPoint.x(), firstPoint.y(), firstPoint.z()))
< v->point().distance(SPoint3(lastPoint.x(), lastPoint.y(), lastPoint.z()))) {
// Vertex lies on first point of edge
param = parBounds.low();
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