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......@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@ The 'template' directory contains GetDP templates. The
See, and for additional
examples, up-to-date versions and documentation." > /tmp/README.txt
MODELS='machines relay inductor indheat magnetometer antennas acoustic_scattering time_reversal shielding waveguides transfo_simple ddm_waves bloch_periodic_waveguides magnets thermal_conduction magnetostriction superconductors'
......@@ -46,12 +46,12 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "source" ]; then
cp /tmp/README.txt onelab-source
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source onelab-source
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}*-source onelab-source
cp onelab-source/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source/doc/LICENSE.txt onelab-source/LICENSE.txt
cp onelab-source/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source/LICENSE.txt onelab-source/LICENSE.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-source/LICENSE.txt
cat onelab-source/getdp-*${GETDP}*-source/doc/LICENSE.txt >> onelab-source/LICENSE.txt
cp onelab-source/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source/doc/CREDITS.txt onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
cat onelab-source/getdp-*${GETDP}*-source/LICENSE.txt >> onelab-source/LICENSE.txt
cp onelab-source/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source/CREDITS.txt onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
cat onelab-source/getdp-*${GETDP}*-source/doc/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
cat onelab-source/getdp-*${GETDP}*-source/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-source
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
......@@ -143,8 +143,7 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "mac" ]; then
umount gmsh_mount
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
# if we use a zip file we need to move from MacOS/ to Resources/, as zip
# does not preserve extended file attributes; dmg does
# cannot use zip file: it destroys the signature for
hdiutil create -srcfolder onelab-MacOSX onelab-MacOSX.dmg
codesign -v --sign "Developer ID Application: Christophe Geuzaine" onelab-MacOSX.dmg
rm -rf onelab-MacOSX
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