A simple change that makes meshers way faster !!

parent 742eaed7
......@@ -188,12 +188,14 @@ GPoint OCCEdge::closestPoint(const SPoint3 &qp, double &param) const
// True if the edge is a seam for the given face
bool OCCEdge::isSeam(const GFace *face) const
if (face->geomType() == GEntity::CompoundSurface) return false;
if (face->getNativeType() != GEntity::OpenCascadeModel) return false;
if (!face->periodic(0) && !face->periodic(1)) return false;
bool ret;
const TopoDS_Face *s = (TopoDS_Face*) face->getNativePtr();
BRepAdaptor_Surface surface(*s);
// This function was horribly slow... until ...
// BRepAdaptor_Surface surface(*s);
ret = BRep_Tool::IsClosed(c, *s);
return ret;
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