Commit 3ba674de authored by Wendy Merks-Swolfs's avatar Wendy Merks-Swolfs

Decrease value of ix to avoid that possible swap is skipped. If e.g. ix = 0,…

Decrease value of ix to avoid that possible swap is skipped. If e.g. ix = 0, ichoice will be 0 as well. If the edge swapping succeeds, the new intersected[0] will be the old intersected[1]. However, as ix is now 1 and so ichoice will be 1 as well, it will now check the new intersected[1], which is the old intersected[2]. Old intersected[1] is now skipped. In test "unable_to_recover_edge.geo", there are 5 edges intersected, but as one possible edge is skipped all the time and 2 other edges cannot be swapped, the other two edges keep on going from one configuration to another configuration and back again. With this fix, the test will now succeed.
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......@@ -382,8 +382,10 @@ BDS_Edge *BDS_Mesh::recover_edge(int num1, int num2, bool &_fatal,
int ichoice = ix++ % intersected.size();
//bool success =
bool success =
swap_edge(intersected[ichoice], BDS_SwapEdgeTestQuality(false, false));
if(success && ichoice < intersected.size() - 1) --ix; // To avoid that a possible swap is skipped
// printf("trying to swop %d %d = %d (%d %d)\n", intersected[ichoice]->p1->iD,
// intersected[ichoice]->p2->iD, success, intersected[ichoice]->deleted,
// intersected[ichoice]->numfaces());
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