Commit 31b27f30 by Michel Rasquin

Fix calls to PView destructor for memory dealloc

parent db1901a9
Pipeline #326 passed with stage
in 9 minutes 15 seconds
......@@ -240,19 +240,15 @@ int GmshFinalize()
#if defined(HAVE_POST)
// Delete all PViewData stored in static list of PView class
for(unsigned int i = 0; i < PView::list.size(); i++) {
delete PView::list[i];
while(PView::list.size()>0) delete PView::list[PView::list.size()-1];
// Delete static _interpolationSchemes of PViewData class
// Delete all Gmodels
for(unsigned int i = 0; i < GModel::list.size(); i++)
delete GModel::list[i];
while(GModel::list.size()>0) delete GModel::list[GModel::list.size()-1];
return 1;
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