Commit 2e48ecbf by Christophe Geuzaine

idea on vectorization

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......@@ -53,6 +53,14 @@ def path(dirname, inp):
# ONELAB models usually directly use "value=val" assignments when creating
# parameters; brutally changing value to a list would mean changing all the
# existing models.
# 14/07/2017: last idea would be:
# 1) add a member ('values', ('list', 'float'), []) with an empty initial value
# 2) add a test
# - in tochar to send value if values is empty, and values otherwise
# - in fromchar to fill value if the received string when parsing 'value'
# is of size 1, or fill values if the received string when parsing 'value'
# AND skip the other member parsing
class _parameter() :
_membersbase = [
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