Commit 1ef59be6 authored by Michel Rasquin's avatar Michel Rasquin

Add preserveNumberingMsh2 as a command line option

parent 842de351
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......@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@ std::vector<std::pair<std::string, std::string> > GetUsage()
s.push_back(mp("-part_weight tri|quad|tet|hex|pri|pyr|trih int",
"Weight of a triangle/quad/etc. during partitioning"));
s.push_back(mp("-part_split", "Save mesh partitions in separate files"));
s.push_back(mp("-preserveNumberingMsh2", "Preserve element numbering in MSH2 format "
"(will break meshes with multiple physical groups for a single elementary entity)"));
s.push_back(mp("-part_[no_]topo", "Create the partition topology"));
s.push_back(mp("-part_[no_]ghosts", "Create ghost cells"));
s.push_back(mp("-part_topo_pro", "Save the partition topology .pro file"));
......@@ -456,6 +458,10 @@ void GetOptions(int argc, char *argv[], bool readConfigFiles)
opt_mesh_partition_split_mesh_files(0, GMSH_SET, 1.);
else if(!strcmp(argv[i] + 1, "preserveNumberingMsh2")) {
opt_mesh_preserve_numbering_msh2(0, GMSH_SET, 1.);
else if(!strcmp(argv[i] + 1, "part_topo_pro") ||
!strcmp(argv[i] + 1, "savePartTopology")){
opt_mesh_partition_save_topology_file(0, GMSH_SET, 1.);
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