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......@@ -11,9 +11,8 @@ with the File/Open menu, then click on \"Run\".
The software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
See the LICENSE and CREDITS files for more information.
The 'models' directory contains a selection of ready-to-use examples from The 'template' directory contains GetDP templates. The
'tutorial' directory contains the Gmsh tutorial.
The 'tutorials' directory contains ONELAB tutorials. The 'models' directory contains
a selection of other ready-to-use models from
See, and for additional
examples, up-to-date versions and documentation." > /tmp/README.txt
......@@ -24,9 +23,13 @@ GETDP=git
MODELS='machines relay inductor indheat magnetometer antennas acoustic_scattering time_reversal shielding waveguides transfo_simple ddm_waves bloch_periodic_waveguides magnets thermal_conduction magnetostriction superconductors'
TUTO_GETDP='Electrostatics Magnetostatics Elasticity ElectrostaticsFloating Thermics PotentialFlow'
MODELS='AcousticScattering Antennas BlochPeriodicWaveguides Cohomology DDMWaves DiffractionGratings ElectricMachines ElectromechanicalRelay Inductor Magnetometer Magnetostriction Magnets Shielding Superconductors ThermalConduction TimeReversal Waveguides'
# get onelab models
# get models and tutorials
rm -rf /tmp/models
mkdir /tmp/models
for m in ${MODELS}; do
curl -O${m}.zip
......@@ -34,6 +37,28 @@ for m in ${MODELS}; do
rm -f ${m}.zip
rm -rf /tmp/tutorials
mkdir /tmp/tutorials
mkdir /tmp/tutorials/gmsh
mkdir /tmp/tutorials/getdp
for m in ${TUTO_GETDP}; do
curl -O${m}.zip
unzip -q -o ${m}.zip -d /tmp/tutorials/getdp
rm -f ${m}.zip
mkdir /tmp/tutorials/python
for m in ${TUTO_PYTHON}; do
curl -O${m}.zip
unzip -q -o ${m}.zip -d /tmp/tutorials/python
rm -f ${m}.zip
mkdir /tmp/tutorials/c++
for m in ${TUTO_CPP}; do
curl -O${m}.zip
unzip -q -o ${m}.zip -d /tmp/tutorials/c++
rm -f ${m}.zip
if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "source" ]; then
rm -rf onelab-source*
mkdir onelab-source
......@@ -52,7 +77,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "source" ]; then
cp onelab-source/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source/CREDITS.txt onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
cat onelab-source/getdp-*${GETDP}*-source/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-source/CREDITS.txt
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-source
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-source/
cp -R /tmp/tutorials onelab-source/
cp -R onelab-source/gmsh-*${GMSH}*-source/tutorial/*.* onelab-source/tutorials/gmsh/
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
zip -r onelab-source
......@@ -79,9 +106,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "win64" ]; then
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Windows64/CREDITS.txt onelab-Windows64/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-Windows64/CREDITS.txt
cat /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Windows64/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-Windows64/CREDITS.txt
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Windows64/templates onelab-Windows64
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Windows64/tutorial onelab-Windows64
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Windows64
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Windows64/
cp -R /tmp/tutorials onelab-Windows64/
cp -R /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Windows64/tutorial/*.* onelab-Windows64/tutorials/gmsh/
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
zip -r onelab-Windows64
......@@ -108,9 +135,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "win32" ]; then
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Windows32/CREDITS.txt onelab-Windows32/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-Windows32/CREDITS.txt
cat /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Windows32/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-Windows32/CREDITS.txt
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Windows32/templates onelab-Windows32
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Windows32/tutorial onelab-Windows32
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Windows32
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Windows32/
cp -R /tmp/tutorials onelab-Windows32/
cp -R /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Windows32/tutorial/*.* onelab-Windows32/tutorials/gmsh/
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
zip -r onelab-Windows32
......@@ -136,9 +163,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "linux64" ]; then
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Linux64/share/doc/gmsh/CREDITS.txt onelab-Linux64/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-Linux64/CREDITS.txt
cat /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Linux64/share/doc/getdp/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-Linux64/CREDITS.txt
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Linux64/share/doc/getdp/templates onelab-Linux64
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Linux64/share/doc/gmsh/tutorial onelab-Linux64
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Linux64
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Linux64/
cp -R /tmp/tutorials onelab-Linux64/
cp -R /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Linux64/share/doc/gmsh/tutorial/*.* onelab-Linux64/tutorials/gmsh/
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
zip -r onelab-Linux64
......@@ -164,9 +191,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "linux32" ]; then
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Linux32/share/doc/gmsh/CREDITS.txt onelab-Linux32/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-Linux32/CREDITS.txt
cat /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Linux32/share/doc/getdp/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-Linux32/CREDITS.txt
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-Linux32/share/doc/getdp/templates onelab-Linux32
mv /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Linux32/share/doc/gmsh/tutorial onelab-Linux32
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Linux32
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-Linux32/
cp -R /tmp/tutorials onelab-Linux32/
cp -R /tmp/gmsh-*${GMSH}-Linux32/share/doc/gmsh/tutorial/*.* onelab-Linux32/tutorials/gmsh/
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
zip -r onelab-Linux32
......@@ -184,9 +211,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "mac" ]; then
hdiutil attach -nobrowse -noverify -noautoopen -mountpoint gmsh_mount /tmp/gmsh-tmp.cdr
tar zxvf /tmp/getdp-${GETDP}-MacOSXc.tgz -C /tmp
cp /tmp/README.txt onelab-MacOSX
cp -R gmsh_mount/ onelab-MacOSX
cp -R gmsh_mount/ onelab-MacOSX/
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-MacOSX/bin/getdp onelab-MacOSX/
security unlock-keychain -p "FIXME!" ${HOME}/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
security unlock-keychain -p "FIXME" ${HOME}/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
codesign -v --force --deep --sign "Developer ID Application: Christophe Geuzaine" onelab-MacOSX/
cp gmsh_mount/LICENSE.txt onelab-MacOSX/LICENSE.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-MacOSX/LICENSE.txt
......@@ -194,9 +221,9 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "mac" ]; then
cp gmsh_mount/CREDITS.txt onelab-MacOSX/CREDITS.txt
echo "\n\n" >> onelab-MacOSX/CREDITS.txt
cat /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-MacOSX/share/doc/getdp/CREDITS.txt >> onelab-MacOSX/CREDITS.txt
mv /tmp/getdp-*${GETDP}-MacOSX/share/doc/getdp/templates onelab-MacOSX
cp -R gmsh_mount/tutorial onelab-MacOSX
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-MacOSX
cp -R /tmp/models onelab-MacOSX/
cp -R /tmp/tutorials onelab-MacOSX/
cp -R gmsh_mount/tutorial/*.* onelab-MacOSX/tutorials/gmsh/
hdiutil eject gmsh_mount
rm -rf /tmp/gmsh-*
rm -rf /tmp/getdp-*
......@@ -205,5 +232,3 @@ if [ $# -lt 1 ] || [ $1 == "mac" ]; then
codesign -v --sign "Developer ID Application: Christophe Geuzaine" onelab-MacOSX.dmg
rm -rf onelab-MacOSX
rm -rf /tmp/models
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