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    And more airplane work!
    - merged STL patch from Nicolas Tardieu. This patch permits to
      create an real elementary surface for each STL face. Until
      we have some code to directly remesh the STL data (which would
      be much nicer and cheaper), this is very useful. We can finally
      use STL representations to create meshable volume models.
      Thanks Nicolas !
    - new option to color the mesh by physical entities (if an element
      belongs to multiple physicals, we use the first one)
    - additional cleanup of the mesh drawing code
    - big cleanup of the geometry creation section in the parser:
      * removed horrible Geo/DataBase.cpp
      * fixed all List-related memory leaks (a lot!)
      * added tests to check if we don't try to recreate existing
        entities (this should prevent many weird bugs due to incorrect
        input files)
    - fixed LineLoop/EdgeLoop memory leaks
    - many small fixes all over the place
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