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    Christophe Geuzaine authored
    - new button under the graphic window to temporarily disable mouse
      selection (speeds-up redrawing of very large models + permits to
      rotate/zoom-in a model in selection mode even when the whole screen
      is full of selectable entities--e.g. a surface mesh)
    - new "lasso" selection mode (to select entities using the same kind
      of lasso as the lasso zoom: just Ctrl+click, then drag the mouse in
      selection mode; the shortcuts are the same as for the lasso zoom)
    - it is now possible to unselect entities using the middle mouse button
      (only for the creation of physicals at the moment; not sure if it's
      useful in the other cases)
    - new button in visibility browser to invert the current selection
      (very useful e.g. when multiple physical entities are associated
      with a given elementary entity, in order to "peel" away the model
      when adding new physicals; cf. philou)
    - changed meaning of Escape shortcut (cancel lasso or toggle mouse
      selection) + restore standard fltk Escape handling for all dialog
    - updated copyright string
    - new mesh label mode (coordinates); all label types are now also
      available for mesh vertices
    - added option in 'Print Option' dialog to disable printing of help
    - added a comment string with the date when creating a new file
    - new snapping grid for adding points in the GUI