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......@@ -122,10 +122,10 @@ License (GPL)</a>:
Current stable release (version 3.0.0, ?? August 2018):
<li>Download GetDP for
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows (64 bits)</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows (32 bit)</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-2.11.3-Linux64c.tgz">Linux (64 bit)</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-2.11.3-Linux32c.tgz">Linux (32 bit)</a>, or
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 32-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-2.11.3-Linux64c.tgz">Linux 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-2.11.3-Linux32c.tgz">Linux 32-bit</a>, or
<a href="bin/MacOSX/getdp-2.11.3-MacOSXc.tgz">MacOS</a>
<li>Download the <a href="src/getdp-2.11.3-source.tgz">source code</a>
......@@ -142,10 +142,10 @@ License (GPL)</a>:
<li>Development version:
<li>Download the latest automatic GetDP snapshot for
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows (64 bit)</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows (32 bit)</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-git-Linux64c.tgz">Linux (64 bit)</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-git-Linux32c.tgz">Linux (32 bit)</a> or
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Windows/">Windows 32-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-git-Linux64c.tgz">Linux 64-bit</a>,
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-git-Linux32c.tgz">Linux 32-bit</a> or
<a href="bin/MacOSX/getdp-git-MacOSXc.tgz">MacOS</a>
<li>Download the latest automatic
<a href="src/getdp-git-source.tgz">source code</a> snapshot
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
@c =========================================================================
@c %**start of header
@set COPYRIGHT @copyright{} 1997-2018 P. Dular and C. Geuzaine, University of Liege
@settitle GetDP @value{GETDP-VERSION}
@footnotestyle separate
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