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......@@ -59,10 +59,10 @@ Group {
If(dim~{i} < modelDim)
bc~{i} = {0, Choices{
0="Neumann: n . d (electric displacement)",
1="Dirichlet: v (scalar potential)",
0="Neumann: n . d (normal electric displacement)",
1="Dirichlet: v (scalar electric potential)",
2="Floating conductor: q (free charge)",
3="Floating conductor: v (scalar potential)"
3="Floating conductor: v (scalar electric potential)"
Name StrCat[surPath, name~{i}, "/0Type"]}
......@@ -58,9 +58,9 @@ Group {
bc~{i} = {0, ReadOnlyRange 1, Choices{
0=StrCat["Neumann: ", StrChoice[formulationType,
"n x h (magnetic field)", "n . b (flux density)"]],
"n x h (n x magnetic field)", "n . b (normal flux density)"]],
1=StrCat["Dirichlet: ", StrChoice[formulationType,
"a (vector potential)", "phi (scalar potential)"]]
"a (vector magnetic potential)", "phi (scalar magnetic potential)"]]
Name StrCat[surPath, name~{i}, "/0Type"]}
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