Commit 4cae3c4d authored by Guillaume Demesy's avatar Guillaume Demesy

PEP_TARGET_MAGNITUDE is more appropriate

parent cefa47a6
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......@@ -719,7 +719,7 @@ static void _polynomialEVP(struct DofData * DofData_P, int numEigenValues,
_try(PEPSetDimensions(pep, numEigenValues, PETSC_DECIDE, PETSC_DECIDE));
_try(PEPSetTolerances(pep, 1.e-6, 100));
_try(PEPSetType(pep, PEPTOAR));
_try(PEPSetWhichEigenpairs(pep, PEP_SMALLEST_MAGNITUDE));
_try(PEPSetWhichEigenpairs(pep, PEP_TARGET_MAGNITUDE));
_try(PEPMonitorSet(pep, _myPepMonitor, PETSC_NULL, PETSC_NULL));
#if defined(PETSC_USE_COMPLEX)
PetscScalar shift = shift_r + PETSC_i * shift_i;
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