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# This creates all the gallery images for the getdp website, from the images in
# the benchmark directory
for i in `find ../../benchmarks -name "screenshot?.png"`; do
d=`dirname $i`;
p=`basename $d`;
f=`basename $i`;
echo creating ${p}_${f};
convert -resize 256 $i ${p}_${f};
// Merge this once you have a nice view of the model to generate the master
// 1024x1024 screenshot for the mobile app, as well as the scaled 128x128 thumbnail
// > cd getdp/utils/misc
// > gmsh ../../benchmarks/test/
// >
Print.Width = 1014;
Print.Height = 1014;
Print.Background = 1;
Save StrCat("screenshot_", StrPrefix(StrRelative(General.FileName)), ".png") ;
SystemCall StrCat("convert -scale 128 screenshot_", StrPrefix(StrRelative(General.FileName)),
".png screenshot_", StrPrefix(StrRelative(General.FileName)), "_128.png");
# Run this once you have a nice view of the model to generate the screenshots
# used in the ONELAB wiki, e.g.:
# > gmsh
# ... get nice view with Gmsh window maximized ...
# > onelab_screenshot 1
# ... get nice second view ...
# > onelab_screenshot 2
if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 number" 1>&2;
exit 1;
screencapture -Wi screenshot${NUMBER}.png
# create miniature image with width of 512 pixels
convert -resize 512 screenshot${NUMBER}.png screenshot${NUMBER}_512.png
MODELS='machines relay inductor indheat magnetometer antennas acoustic_scattering time_reversal shielding waveguides transfo_simple ddm_waves bloch_periodic_waveguides magnets thermal_conduction magnetostriction superconductors diffraction_grating'
# sync files from local svn checkout
for m in ${MODELS}; do
sudo rsync -avz ${SRC}/${m} ${DST} --delete --exclude .svn
sudo find ${DST}/${m} \( -name "*.geo" -o -name "*.pro" -o -name "*.txt" \) -exec unix2dos {} \;
sudo rsync -avz ${HOME}/src/getdp/templates ${DST} --delete --exclude .svn
sudo find ${DST}/templates \( -name "*.geo" -o -name "*.pro" -o -name "*.txt" \) -exec unix2dos {} \;
# create zip file
for m in ${MODELS}; do
sudo rm -f ${DST}/${m}.zip
cd ${DST} && sudo zip -r ${DST}/${m}.zip ${m} -x \*.svn\* -x \*.png
sudo rm -f ${DST}/
cd ${DST} && sudo zip -r ${DST}/ templates -x \*.svn\* -x \*.png
# fix permissions
#sudo chown -R onelab:onelab ${DST}/
sudo chown -R geuzaine:geuzaine ${DST}/
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