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Ruth Sabariego requested to merge multiharmonic into master

Old multi harmonic code working again + some additions.

Some performance issues are still there:

  • size of stack in Cal_WholeQuantity is to be modified if the number of harmonics is higher than 40 (NBR_MAX_HARMONIC);
  • assemble is very slow if -prealloc is not properly set;
  • for being able of increasing the size of the stack a bit more, I've added MAX_STACK_SIZE0 and fix its value to 2 => no tensors by default in the MH case;
  • real version of PetSC must still be used => feature not available in the pre-packaged version!

Working cases:

  • (nonlinear) ferromagnetic core with three windings (compumag2001, ieeetrmag 2002);
  • permanent magnet synchronous machine (icem 2002, compel 2003)
  • 3-phase 5-limb transformer with and without rectification (epnc 2002);
  • induction machine (cefc2002, ieeetrmag 2003)
  • (nonlinear) homogenisation of windings (cefc 2016, ieeetrmag 2017, compumag 2017)

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