Commit 3e3c67b1 authored by Guillaume Demesy's avatar Guillaume Demesy

make sure slepc

parent 05ee91f4
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......@@ -535,5 +535,5 @@ str_slepc_options = StrCat(str_slepc_options," -nep_monitor_all :temp_eigenvalue
R_ = {StrCat("res_",which_res), Name "GetDP/1ResolutionChoices", Visible 1},
C_ = {Sprintf(StrCat("-solve -pos -v2 ",str_slepc_options,slepc_options_rg)), Name "GetDP/9ComputeCommand", Visible 1},
C_ = {Sprintf(StrCat("-solve -pos -v2 -slepc ",str_slepc_options,slepc_options_rg)), Name "GetDP/9ComputeCommand", Visible 1},
P_ = {StrCat("postop_",which_res), Name "GetDP/2PostOperationChoices", Visible 1}];
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