Commit c8ee79f0 by Christophe Geuzaine

tentative fix for annoying onelab::setChanged("Gmsh") triggered when merging mes…

…h-based post-processing files
1 parent 8d3592a9
Pipeline #70 passed
in 19 minutes 53 seconds
......@@ -589,10 +589,7 @@ int MergePostProcessingFile(const std::string &fileName, int showViews,
GModel *m = new GModel();
// FIXME: disabled onelab physical group import for now, as the number of
// groups in mesh-based post-pro files can be different from the # in the
// model, which will trigger setChanged(Gmsh), leading undesirable remeshing
int ret = MergeFile(fileName, warnIfMissing, old->bounds().empty() ? true : false, false);
int ret = MergeFile(fileName, warnIfMissing, old->bounds().empty() ? true : false);
......@@ -398,8 +398,10 @@ bool gmshLocalNetworkClient::receiveMessage(gmshLocalNetworkClient *master)
case GmshSocket::GMSH_MERGE_FILE:
unsigned int n = PView::list.size();
bool changedBeforeMerge = onelab::server::instance()->getChanged("Gmsh");
MergePostProcessingFile(message, CTX::instance()->solver.autoShowViews,
CTX::instance()->solver.autoShowLastStep, true);
onelab::server::instance()->setChanged(changedBeforeMerge, "Gmsh");
#if defined(HAVE_FLTK)
if(FlGui::available() && n != PView::list.size()){
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