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Current stable release (Version 2.11.0, January 2 2017):
<a href="bin/Windows/getdp-2.11.0-Windows64c.zip">Windows</a>
(<a href="bin/Windows/getdp-2.11.0-Windows32c.zip">32 bit</a>),
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-2.11.0-Linux64c.tgz">Linux</a>,
<a href="bin/MacOSX/getdp-2.11.0-MacOSX64c.tgz">MacOS</a>
Current stable release (Version 2.11.1, May 13 2 2017):
<a href="bin/Windows/getdp-2.11.1-Windows64c.zip">Windows</a>
(<a href="bin/Windows/getdp-2.11.1-Windows32c.zip">32 bit</a>),
<a href="bin/Linux/getdp-2.11.1-Linux64c.tgz">Linux</a>,
<a href="bin/MacOSX/getdp-2.11.1-MacOSX64c.tgz">MacOS</a>
<a href="src/getdp-2.11.0-source.tgz">source code</a>
<a href="src/getdp-2.11.1-source.tgz">source code</a>
<em>The binary versions are compiled
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